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US Propagators Propagator's Website Email Grower Phone
Four Star Greenhouse - Michigan  Grower Team Dennis Crum 734-654-6420
Pleasant View Gardens - New Hampshire  Grower on Call Veronica Lende 603-556-2848
Spring Meadow Nursery - Michigan Growing Team Dave Joeright 616-846-4729 x 1402
Walters Gardens - Michigan Team Laura Robles 800-925-8377 x 2101
Canadian Propagators      
Nordic Nurseries - British Columbia
 Grower Questions?  Info 604-607-7074
Ed Sobkowich Greenhouses - Ontario  Grower Questions?  Info 905-945-8870

For general growing questions or comments about Proven Winners, please contact
John Gaydos, Director of Product Development and Promotion.

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