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Double Play® Blue Kazoo® Spirea Spiraea media

  • Part Sun to Sun
  • Sun

The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).

Flower Season
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
Mature Size
3' 3'
2' - 3'
2' - 3'
  • Details


    Flowers, foliage, and easy care - Double Play® Blue Kazoo® spirea has it all!

    Your search for a colorful, versatile, easy to grow shrub for your landscape ends at Double Play Blue Kazoo spirea. Its cool blue foliage emerges in a range of shifting hues through the season: red, pink, purple, and green. In early summer, very large white flower clusters appear. Like other spirea, you can count on Double Play Blue Kazoo to look great while needing minimal care. It grows well in lightly shaded conditions (four-six hours of sun or filtered light all day), and is generally unbothered by deer. Not fussy about soil or watering. 

    Top reasons to grow Double Play Blue Kazoo spirea:

    - blue foliage and white flowers work with any home color, even strong orange or red brick

    - colorful new growth keeps this plant interesting from spring through frost

    - needs no special pruning or other maintenance to keep its good looks 

    Foliage Interest


    Plant Type: 
    Shrub Type: 
    Height Category: 
    Garden Height: 
    24 - 36 Inches
    24 - 36 Inches
    24 - 36 Inches
    Flower Colors: 
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Shade: 
    Cool blue-green foliage has burgundy new growth and red fall color
    Container Role: 

    Plant Needs

    Light Requirement: 
    Part Sun to Sun
    Light Requirement: 
    Maintenance Category: 
    Blooms On: 
    Old Wood
    Bloom Time: 
    Early Summer
    Bloom Time: 
    Late Spring
    Hardiness Zones: 
    3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
    Heat Zones: 
    Water Category: 
    Border Plant
    Edging Plant
    Mass Planting
    Specimen or Focal Point
    Uses Notes: 

    A great low-maintenance plant for mass plantings or low hedges. It can also be incorporated into mixed borders. The multi-season interest of flowers and foliage makes it an effective addition to landscapes.

    Maintenance Notes: 

    If you wish to prune Double Play Blue Kazoo spirea, do so after flowering. This neatens the appearance and also encourages a fresh flush of colorful new growth.

    Cool blue foliage is the perfect contrast to this hardy plant's crisp white blooms. Hints of burgundy in the new growth foreshadow the rich red foliage color it develops in fall. This neat, mounded plant is an excellent addition to the landscaper's palette.

    Double Play® Blue Kazoo® Spiraea media 'SMSMBK' USPP 26,655, Can 5,642
  • 5 Reviews

    Browse reviews from people who have grown this plant.
    • I planted three of these in 2019 memory of my brother. Sadly, they have barely grown, never flowered and the leaves are very dark brown and brittle around the edges. Will leave them until next spring to see if there is any improvement.

      Ellen Elliott
      , South Carolina
      , United States
      , 9 weeks ago
    • I received this plant in June 2018. It's now almost June 2021 and this plant, although it is supposed to be easy to grow and it looks beautiful in pictures, has done absolutely nothing in my yard. it has never achieved the look in the photos and is very spindly and rangy. Doesn't matter where I plant it, sun or shade, it always looks burnt. I would love to see it as it is supposed to look so I will give it one more season before getting rid if it.

      D C
      , Pennsylvania
      , United States
      , 31 weeks ago
    • The foliage on this shrub is gorgeous! Blue Kazoo provides wonderful color and texture in our foundation bed. The shape is lovely and the flowers are a nice bright white!

      Eric N
      , New York
      , United States
      , 1 year ago
    • Love the bluish color of this Spirea. Came back after a very harsh winter and has grown to nearly mature height after one year.

      Seth Hendriks
      , Minnesota
      , United States
      , 1 year ago
    • I have a mature Double Play Gold spirea gracing the entrance to the main walkway to my home and have long desired another striking spirea to compliment it on the opposite side of the walkway. With the Blue Kazoo I know I've found its match! Like the DP Gold, the Blue Kazoo also has leaves that are a kaleidoscope of colors as the seasons pass. These guys always get attention from passersby. Deadhead for repeat blooms. Looks best and have more blooms when given a shag cut/trim rather than the coiffed cut/trim.

      , Massachusetts
      , United States
      , 7 years ago
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