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13 Plants with Cocktail Inspired Names

It can be challenging to continuously come up with new ideas for plant lists. Many of our lists are all about solving a potential question. Things like: What are some great blue plants?  What plants do pollinators love? What annuals are perfect for the middle of the border? We’ve made dozens of plant lists available to gardeners over the years. Sometimes we take a break from solving garden questions and create a list just for fun – and this is one of those times! These plants aren’t edible. You can’t use them in cocktails. They don’t necessarily have anything in common other than they are named after cocktails or ingredients in cocktails.  Naming is hard.  Is it possible some of these names were created while drinking cocktails?  Hmmm, maybe we should leave that a mystery…

Royale Piña Colada &

Royale Cosmo


Coral Bells

Pucker Up!®
Red Twig Dogwood

Fire Ball®
Burning Bush
Lime Rickey®
Smooth hydrangea


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